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Boeing: Historical Snapshot: XSM-64 Navaho Missile

XSM-64 Navaho Missile Historical Snapshot In October 1945, the Army Technical Services Command asked aeronautical corporations in the United States to design a guided missile.

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The production version of the Navaho missile was designated the Navaho XSM-64. It was comparable to an actual bomber, and could fly at a speed of 2,150 m.p.h. at a maximum altitude of 60,000 feet. Remarkably, the Navaho XSM-64 was heavier than the heaviest airliners flying at the time.

SM-64 Navaho United States Nuclear Forces

The XSM-64 resembled the X-10 in size and configuration. The big difference was a 76-foot, 3-inch long booster that was used piggy-back fashion with the XSM- 64. Together, the two measured 82 feet 5 inches in length and were launched vertically.

North American SM-64 Navaho - Designation-Systems.Net

The warhead section of the XSM-64 was designed to accomodate an early fission warhead (like the W-4 or XW-13), but after the invention of the thermonuclear bomb in the early 1950s, the XSM-64 was regarded as a pure test vehicle and no longer as an interim tactical missile.

SM-64 Navaho - Wikipedia

The final operational version, the G-38 or XSM-64A, was the same basic design as the G-26 only larger. It incorporated numerous new technologies, Titanium components, gimballed rocket engines, a Kerosene/LOX propellant combination, and full solid-state electronic controls. None were ever flown, the program being cancelled before the first example was completed.

Navaho Story - Space Launch Report

An XSM-64 (G-26) on Cape Canaveral LC 9. One of the first nine Navaho XSM-64 (or G-26) test missiles is shown on Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 9. The missile is shown encased within its erecting tower, a structure built by the Food Machinery Corporation. That company would in later years be called FMC.

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